Lay-By Terms & Conditions


  • 20% Deposit
  • Duration: Up to 30 Days
  • Fee & Interest Free
  • Don’t Miss Out!
  • Non-Refundable

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Lay-by Terms

Our Lay-by terms are as follows:

a) An initial Lay-by deposit of 20% is required for all Lay-bys.

b) Term of Lay-by up to 30 days.

c) Product/s will be available for collection upon receipt of the final Lay-by payment instalment.

d) Lay-by Cancellation:

The deposit money and any additional Lay-by instalments will be forfeited by the buyer if the Lay-by is cancelled by the buyer.

In the event the 30-day Lay-by has passed, Open Vault will make an attempt to resolve the outstanding balance with you.

Should the Lay-by remain unpaid in full after this time, Open Vault reserves the right to cancel the Lay-by and any amount paid will be forfeited by the buyer. The product/s will then be released from Lay-by and made available for sale again.

e) All sales are final

f) By commencing a Lay-By with us you are agreeing to the above terms